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The Prop Room

We are driven by quality

The one thing the Dubai kink/alternate community has been crying out for… a beautiful and well curated space discreetly tucked away in the heart of new Jebel Ali… welcome to The Prop Room

This well thought out and spacious studio has the design flair. The owner of the studio is Queen Minerva, a lifestyle Mistress based in Dubai and The Prop Room is her vision, perfect for those looking to express their kink in a purpose-built setting, for those that want the convenience of longer liaisons or overnight stays, kinky parties for friends, dinner parties with a side order of kink or boudoir/play photoshoots.

As you enter the space you’re welcomed to a reception and waiting area, with a kitchenette and seating, as well as hot beverages and cold drinks available. There are glasses, plates and cutlery available for those that bring food – delivery of food could take some time, and any alcohol should be brought in personally, as it’s not provided*

To cater to those that need to dress up or freshen up, either pre or post play, there is a spacious shower facility and changing room, which allows you to step out in your kinky finery, ready to play!

Once you’re good to go it’s on to the well-appointed Throne room, with its beautiful handmade Mistress throne taking center stage. The room is staged for various scenarios, including Queen Minvera’s bespoke discipline bed with under-bed cage, stock and harness points all set for tying up or tying down.

A hand-crafted St. Andrews cross provides endless possibilities for bondage and discipline, while a standing discipline cage has been included for torturing bratty subs. There’s a dining table with a surprise, whether for eating at or eating off. The cosy and comfortable library setting makes for an interesting showcase in submission.

There is also an inflatable love seat, which can be used for attaining better positions or for bondage. Additionally, for the bondage enthusiast there’s a bondage triangle for suspension and for those that enjoy roleplay we have a small school room to castigate the naughty ones.

There is a Bluetooth unit available if you wish to play some music and a small collection of toys and implements, which must be left on the premises, however we advise to bring your own toys as it is a limited collection and won’t be to everyone’s preferences.

There is a trolley available, stocked with condoms, lube, gloves and paper towels, however you may wish to bring your own if you have specific preferences.

For those looking to wind down and practice after care, there is a lounge area for relaxation with blankets available should you need them.

There is a toilet located by the main door for your convenience, and there are hand sanitizer dispensers on the walls.

For those with an enthusiasm for photography, we have lights tripods, a screen and a stool. For a full list of photography equipment available, please request this at the time of inquiry.

Please note if you are seeing this you have be approved and vetted by the owner so only people that we know we will be notified with the address once booked and paid for. The Prop Room is registered as a Photographic Studio so as you enter, it will appear as a legal business, and nothing will be out of place.